The first largest cryptocurrency exchange to surface was the Binance. This platform allowed users to deposit funds into their own account and allowed them to trade using the Binance platform. At the time, there were only a few hundred thousand users. As the number of users increased, more platforms emerged, and now there are over three hundred such exchanges operating throughout the world.

The next biggest selling point for many investors is liquidity. This is particularly important for traders who deal in highly volatile coins. For example, if you trade in unknown altcoins, which are highly profitable but have high risks of loss, you will need to have some kind of a strategy plan. The liquidity feature of the big top coins comes in extremely handy for this purpose, and for several other reasons as well. The liquidity feature gives traders the ability to sell their coins on the platform and buy them back in a matter of seconds, making it easy for investors to execute their trades without being held up by slow buyers or sellers.


How to Trade Crypto Using Automated Crypto Bots

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