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ASM and Amazon

Nobody can really ignore the overwhelming growth and power of Amazon company as a leading eCommerce marketplace, mainly after the founder and CEO Jeff Bezos became officially the richest person on the planet.

What truly makes Amazon so Big isn’t just the company itself or huge multimillion-dollar brands, but small business owners and individuals looking for own and better ways of making living. Amazon company became really friendly to anyone willing to start own e-commerce business rather than just partner with big brands with a big advertising budget. Which was a great move because there is way more small businesses and ordinary people than big entrepreneurs and established multimillion-dollar brands.

And this fact is really what allowed the Amazon company to grow that big and fast over the last couple of years, plus their fast delivery service.

But believe me, this is just one part of a piece of the puzzle to make your business on Amazon really work, as a perfect product, perfect audiences through advertising, social media, and SEO, landing pages, email marketing campaigns, funnels, etc.

There is so much to learn, that by trying to figure everything out just by yourself would take too long, wasting a lot of money, time, and other resources.

Unless there is someone or a place where you can learn everything step-by-step, and implement everything right away taking the path of least resistance.

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